Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thank You Very Much!

The Daily Dribbles

Thank you very much for erasing my blogroll.  I know you keep saying I am in transition to my new domain but how am I supposed to remember EVERYONE I had on there and their blog address?

Thank you very much for freezing me out last night and then blanketing our yard with snow this morning. I mean I wasn't getting excited for spring or anything.

Thank you very much for having a full memory...It actually makes me feel good to be a human and although I think my mind is FULL I still have the capacity to store more info; you however need extra work for that to happen.  Thank you for making it difficult to upload pictures and videos and making it nearly impossible to find my iTunes. 

Dear readers and friends...
Did I mention I have my own domain?  It is brand new and I really am excited about it.  You can now find me at so please update your blogrolls etc., although my old address will still get you here for all my witty posts. (sense the sarcasm?)

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