Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Food and Recipe Secrets

I really, really wanted to make these.  From because she is really AWESOME and creative, but my husband said "Oh that is over-rated.... besides that you make the best chocolate chip cookies in the world and you just added those cinnamon rolls too...."(if you missed the cinnamon roll post just scroll down)  I may have made that sound better than it actually did but I doubt it because I would NEVER exaggerate nope "not me"!!  Any way so I made these 
and my husband made these
I also made some homemade salsa with some grilling help from my husband.  And we watched our children run wildly around the house while we enjoyed the Big Game.  Oh and if you want recipe secrets on how you can make the BEST chocolate chip cookies in the world to go visit my community here and I will give you all my secrets because I don't believe in keeping those things to myself!! Nope "not me"!

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