Monday, February 1, 2010

"not me" Monday!

I did not watch my nephews all day on Saturday and I did not think "Well this isn't too bad... I could have five kids."  I am only guessing that this thought crossed my mind at a moment of weakness and insanity or maybe it was while the older three were at a Jr. Jazz basketball game with my husband and the younger two were sleeping soundly in their beds.  That must have been it.

I also did not let my nephews play barbies with my girls... my brother would be really annoyed!  I would also not photograph it because that is just mean.  Notice he is holding the BOY barbie and really the Barbie Cruiser boat is a pretty cool toy I mean how could you pass that up.  Especially when it plays really cool music and has a real disco ball inside. 

Oh I am also not still stiff from running a half marathon over a week ago.  That would imply that I did not train properly and of course I DID.  Hope you are all having a great "not me" Monday!  To see more of my "not me" Monday posts click here.  To join up head on over to visit MckMama and read what others are "NOT" doing today!

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