Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentines.. Early

I have had these supplies since Halloween. I was going to make pumpkin cake pops because I thought it would be fun.  But then I got sick read about that here. And then we went to bowl games, and had Christmas and the list goes on..... So I got back on and re-read the instructions.  I was determined but.....
......than it looked!
And they certainly aren't as pretty as these but she invented them so I guess mine will do.
And my kids certainly didn't mind how they looked.  They devoured them anyway... Hope you all have a happy Valentines day or Singles Awareness day.  Which ever you prefer. I am going to have a romantic get-a-way with my husband (I know you are all jealous).  You can discuss Valentines Day stories here in my community... and you should because well it's fun..
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