Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bloggography Week 3~Shutter Speed Challenge

This week our challenge was to adjust shutter speed to see motion or capture motion.  I shot these on a low shutter speed 1/10-20.  Although they look blurry I like the way her curls look.

It may not seem like she is moving but she is 2 so she is always moving......

Even though these are blurry I like the soft affect that I got
This one I shot on 1/400 indoors.  Obviously it is too dark but I loved how I caught her hair up like that
This one I shot on 1/50 shutter speed

This one is 1/200 which is not a very fast shutter speed I realized after seeing that I could have gone up to 1/1000.  I love that I caught her hair flying up and a smile on her face.  Obviously the lighting was better outside.....
Bloggography at Better in Bulk

For canon instructions see Lolli and for Nikon instructions see Beth. They are both awesome!!
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