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"not me" Monday!

I did not scare this handsome young man to tears last night when I was going to bed and he was coming out of the bathroom.  No "not me" I would never startle any of my children that would be sad and insensitive.  
I have not yet mailed all of my Christmas cards.  "Not me"  I would never delay the mailing of Christmas cards into the new year.  It is also NOT going to cost me $1.27 per CARD to mail with the lovely US postal service because I was not trying to be crafty and make these lovely cards for all our friends and family.   And that has nothing to do with why they have not yet been mailed.

I also have not taken down all my Christmas decorations and then just left them in bins in my front room where anyone who comes close to my front door can see the huge mess.  I would never do anything like that because I am much more organized and neat than that.  In fact I would never be that LAZY!!  Nope "not me".
OH and I also did not run 8.5 miles with my friend on Saturday in prep for my half marathon.  I am not still sore from this run despite my previous 8 weeks of training!!
If you thought this was sarcastic you should go here to see the rest of my "not me" Monday posts!  Then you should head over and visit MckMama and see what other's are NOT doing today.


Brianne said…
That card is adorable!! You better mail them out! You don't want your hard work to go to waste!!
Mindi said…
haha! I have a sensitive one too!Wow! I love the card, good job!
Jenna said…
Brandie, I did the same thing last year. I made cards using my kids thumbprints, and ended up spending $40 some odd dollars just to spread my Christmas wishes. Good job on your run, your awesome!!!
Unknown said…
Those cards are awesome! I just mailed out another batch today, and I still have a stack to address and mail. Grr. So much for being on time this year!
This is my first visit, I think! Your kiddos are adorable and those Christmas cards are darling. I'd be thrilled to get one of those even in the middle of January. =) Nice to "meet" you!
Wendy G. Atkins said…
i don't think i could ever run 8.5 miles! let a lone half a marathon. go you!!
Anonymous said…
Isn't it terrible that the worse you spook someone, the funnier it is?! I always feel terrible >while I laugh< ahem...I mean, I would never laugh at that!
Ooh - so glad that you ... er ... I mean, "not you" ... have also not mailed all of your Christmas cards yet! I am just going with my belief that Christmas is meant to be celebrated ALL year! :-)
Mama M. said…
Oh my word!! That card is adorable! So, what kind of nursing do YOU do?!! I would so love to write stories...real "happened in real life" stories, you know?!!
Weeksie50 said…
The card is beautiful..
I am sure your friends will love them late or not.. : )
Tiffanie said…
your not me mondays totally make my day!!!
Mandy said…
Cute! Hey, what do you think of Lijit now that it's been a few weeks that we've been using it?
Anonymous said…
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!
Brandie said…
Thanks anonymous!! I give all the credit to BlogFrog and my lovely new friends!! And Mama M. I am an ICU nurse you know the snobby kind hehe!!
Melissa said…
Your card is absolutely beautiful!! I made my cards this year too...but handed them out to all my family 1) because I did not have any envelopes and 2) to save on postage!!
You are too funny! Love this post! :)
Janna said…
Great job on your running!!! I used to run and I miss it.

I always kind of like getting a few cards late so that the joy gets spread out:)

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