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A Blogging Tip?

I know you don't normally get these from me but I am trying to branch out a little in the new year so here goes.  My friend Toni from The Happy Housewife shared this link with me and other premium blogfrog members. She has also teamed up with some other fabulous bloggers and formed this network I'm Going to Savvy Blogging 
to help give tips to all bloggers.  If you are on twitter you can see their tips by following this #savvyblogging.

So before you go hopping around to all those are some of my goals for blogging in the new year.
Clearly Define my Purpose as a Blogger.  Really I am a hobby blogger but thanks to blogfrog and many others I have started to be much more than that.  My goal is to find what I blog about that my readers love and really stay focused on those areas.

Work on my BlogFrog Community.  This is such a fantastic way to increase reader interaction and I feel like it is a way for me to really get to know those that read my blog and find out what we have in common so we can become a blogging network together.

Set computer time LIMITS!  This is something I really need to work on.  I am guilty of sitting in front of the computer for hours.  Although it is not always a waste of time it interferes with the rest of my life so I am really going to work on my blogging priorities, my computer time and my overall time management.  
That is a big one so I am going to stop there and go work on my schedule.
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Unknown said…
I'm totally going to try these things! Thanks for the tips!
Thanks for the tips. I started my blog to get my jewelry out there. Started reading alot and decided that it wouold be fun to try actually writing. which I am having alot of problems with but getting easier as I go.

Just stopping by to say hi...Fab blog, love it!
Brianne said…
So need to limit my computer time!! We are running out of clean clothes!! Ha!
Brandi said…
When you get that computer time limit thing worked out, will you let me know how you did it?! LOL! My house is a pigsty right now...
AMEN on the blogging time limits. I need to institute some of that myself. Hubby used to work overnights, so I had enough time to myself for my hobby, but now that he's back working on days, I don't have the time! I need an egg-timer or something!

Confessions From A Working Mom
Mindi said…
hahah! Yep, totally hear ya on that-I'm needing tamara to teach me a thing or two about balance!
Christy said…
Time limits? Oh how I need time limits! I need to utilize my blogfrog community more - as in actually figure it out.
Anonymous said…
Not bad article, but I really miss that you didn't express your opinion, but ok you just have different approach

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