Friday, January 29, 2010

Awards and Flashbacks

My cool Blogfrog friend Jenny gave me this award the other day. She blogs over here at Toddlers, Teens and in-betweens.  She is a mom of 7 and 3/4... yes she is expecting #8 isn't that cool!!  So go over and visit her she just announced name and sex of baby #8.
 I am passing this on to.....(drumroll please)

Okay I think I am supposed to do more but I just can't do any more links.  So now, how to pass it on.

~Copy the Splash logo into a new post
~Nominate up to 9 blogs that allure, amuse, impress, or inspire you
~Let them know they have been "splashed" by commenting on their blog
~Be sure to link back to the person who "splashed you".
Thanks again Jenny you are the best.
Okay now for the Flashback.  I was going through my old pictures and there are so many that I love but this one takes the cake for today

Title "Road Rage"
Disclaimer--he wasn't actually driving, yes I know the windshield is filthy, and no toddlers or adults were harmed during this photo session. 
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