Thursday, December 10, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to become a MOM!

1. It is the most challenging thing you can do (and if you are up for a challenge by all means go for it)
2. You will withstand all kinds of change physical, mental, and spiritual (not all for the best)
3. You will be reminded of your limitations daily.
4. You will see and hear and smell things that no other person has ever experienced
5. You will feel pride and guilt at the same time (it is a little crazy)
6. Exhaustion takes on a whole new meaning!
7. Sleeping becomes a skill 
8. Although you will still appreciate your husband you will also envy him because he gets to leave everyday for work.
9. You will accomplish things that you never thought possible.
10. You will learn the true definition of "Protect your young"

I got this idea from the great people over at the Blogfrog.  They have some really great advice!  You should check them out.

Come over and discuss in my forum here.  I am also having a contest you might find it very interesting!!


The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

Amen to that! They are all so true. Now, did anyone imagine it would be like this when we were having sweet dreams about being a parent? Some days are much better, some days are much harder. But they're all special in their own ways!

Rustin - TheBlogFrog said...


#11 - You will know what it's like to to love someone to pieces and have them drive you crazy at the time.

Mama M. said...

Super cute!! I love it! So, the great Rusty suggested Top Ten lists, eh? I may just hafta try one!!!

Brianne said...

Great post! My favs are 7 and 8!! Haha so true!

Tara said...

Def. true! 8 is very rare for me but on those days.....

Brandi said...

Great list. I really miss #7 on a daily basis!

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