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tackle it Tuesday

Scary Mommy!

Do you ever have those days when you know you really LOST it with your kids?  Had one of those yesterday!!

(Can't believe I am posting this!)

Anyway hoping for a better day today!  That is my tackle for the day!  I don't want to be a scary mommy today.  We are going to see a movie and try to be NICE to each other.  Got any tips?  You can leave them here or go over to my community and discuss it there too!

To see more tackles head on over to 5MinutesforMom.


Jenny said…
That's exactly how I looked this morning when my 2yr-old dumped shampoo all over the carpet and ripped open wrapped presents ;-)
What mom doesn't have"THOSE" days??? I have lots of them!! LOL. Just pray bedtime comes quickly!
Braley Mama said…
I understand!
You have a great blog, I love it!
Tara said…
I have lost it a few times and immediately have to ask for forgiveness. Oh my goodness, some days.......but then, I have to remind myself of how blessed I am in so many ways.
Brandi said…
We all have those days and I think they increase with the number of offspring. No great advice... the old count to ten kinda works (okay, no it doesn't it's a big load of crap). A glass of something after the kids go to bed, perhaps?! :)
*~Petra~* said…
Lock them in their rooms until they are 21 ;)

Don't worry... we all have days like that!
Cynthia said…
So glad it's not just me! I always put too much on my plate this time of year. Good luck!
We've ALL been makes for a tough day for everyone!!

Hope you all had an enjoyable time together at the movies!!

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