Tuesday, December 22, 2009

BlogFrog Communities

I know I talk about the blogfrog a lot but it is because I LOVE them and what they are doing for the blogging world.  Particularly blogging moms like me.  I just want to talk a little about communities and why they are so cool.  I will keep it short because I don't like to read long posts I am too easily distracted.
Okay first anyone can join blogfrog--you don't even need a blog.  Second if you have a blog and you join blogfrog you can have a community.  It is free.  
What your community can do is connect your readers in a way that your blog alone can not.  It is a place for you and your readers to discuss all kinds of topics.  There is no limit to what you can discuss and learn about each other.  Some larger communities even have open live chats which are really fun.  I have found many blogs from these communities and many other bloggers have found me.  
So click here and go look at my community.  Look around if you want to join there is a spot for that in the upper right hand corner.  Then you can start a discussion or join in on one that I have started.  There are several in there right now like introduce yourself, have you ever been a scary mommy, or if you could have one magic power what would it be??
Want to know more about blogfrog see my other posts about them here.  So try it out I know you want to!!!
Have questions??  You can post them in my community and I can answer them for you or go here and search the discussions or ask your question there.

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