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In Leu of....

So we have been terribly sick here and between the unpleasantries (that I will not expand upon here) I have not done any of the cool posts I was going to do this week.  We made these great little spiders that even my husband liked and I wanted to post them and we were going to make cool little pumpkin cake pops inspired by the great Bakerella and that has all gone to the way-side due to my affliction GRRR!  So instead I decided to tell you all about a few of our favorite books.
The first is "Love You Forever" by Robert Munsch.  My friend Zina gave this to me before my first baby was born.  I read it and thought what is the big deal? Then he was born.  To this day I can't read it without sobbing.  It really is a great book you can order it here.
The next three are kid favorites "A Frog Thing", "Ellison the Elephant", and "Leo the Lightning Bug" all by Eric Drachman. I love them because they come with an audio CD read by the author so you really get his take on the story and also I don't have to read (oh did I say that out loud?).  And the kids love it because they can do it all by themselves. These were all gifts from my mom to the kids for holidays. You can order those here .


Anyway hope you will take this in leu of what I REALLY wanted to post this week.  Oh just in case; no one paid me to say these things, no one asked me to say these things and I did not receive anything for doing this post.  I just really like these books and thought I would tell you so.


Amanda said…
I put a tune to the song in "Love You Forever". Nothing fancy, but it works. :)
Holly said…
I think I'm going to have to get "A Frog Thing". That is just too good to pass up :)

Gina said…
I have a favourite book called "I will always love you" about a bear called Alex who broke his mums favourite porridge bowl. The story teaches the little bear that his mum will feel sad when he does things to upset her but she will always love him. I read it to my daughter with tears running down my face the day she "Drew" all over my car with a rock....
*~Petra~* said…
I cannot believe you are sick and still posting! You are amazing. I am so sorry you are not feeling well... If you need anything, shout over the fence! Or call me... whatever works.

I LOOOOOOOOOVE the book "Love You Forever." I have it too. The first time I read it, (I had kids), I just balled. It is so precious. :)
Mandy said…
Did I hear someone say books?! I'm here!!! You know, it's funny...I either hear people say that they love "Love Your Forever" or hate it. If you go to and look at all the reviews you will see it's quite a mix. I'm in the not so sure about it. But I'm glad you like it! And yes, you said that aloud...but never fear! You're in good company! :-) Actually this year I have made concerted effort to read more to our kids. I have used several book reading reward programs to keep us motivated. Or at least this Mommy motivated. I confess...I'm competitive...even when it comes to reading! :-D
SO sorry that you've all been sick. Hope everyone is on the mend for the big weekend!!
Mandy said…
I love the Love You Forever book, too! How can parents not bawl when reading it?! (and you cracked me up with the "and I don't have to read.." comment! Oh.. I understand that feeling..)

I really enjoy your blog! I found you on 5M4M's - just so you know. (I always wonder where ppl find me..)

I'm going to have to look into the Frog one.. who doesn't love frogs?
Cynthia said…
I hope you feel better soon! Moms feel so much pressure to 'get it right' every holiday- which does NOT include getting sick. Take care, the blog will still be here when you're feeling better and we will be too!

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