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My plan Foiled again.....

We were supposed to wake up this morning and go to Hogle Zoo and see all the new little baby animals. It is a perfect day to go to the zoo. It is cool outside and the possibility of rain so we wouldn't have had to stay ALL day. But.....

I woke up feeling a little like this. Okay I felt way worse than this. But it was the only headache picture that I found remotely hilarious after the morning I had. I have had bad headaches before with all the migraine symptoms but this one was a doozy. I took the strongest medication I had around...ahem Tylenol and then went back to bed to try and fight off the nausea just long enough for the pills to dissolve. You get the idea. Anyway now I am trying to post something because it has been DAYS and so now you can feel sympathy towards me and offer great headache cure advice!! (Having some technical difficulties with this picture, operator trouble I am sure, click on this silly little guy to get the full effect)


Wendy G. Atkins said…
it's because we stayed up WAY too late last night ;)
feel better though!
Mandy said…
Hope you feel better! Did you upload the pic from the web? Or from you computer? Mine do this if I don't download it first to my computer.
Lucy and Ethel said…
Sorry you have a headache, but what a cute picture :)

My mother-in-law swears (well, not really) by niacin. I tried it for a whopper of a headache a few years ago in the winter, and I felt like I was on fire! I had to stand outside in the frigid temperature to cool down! Made me forget about the headache, though. Seriously.

R Clan said…
If you ever need more than Tylenol I might have something. Just call. Sorry you were feeling so bad.
Brandi said…
Bummer. Hope you are feeling better. ;)
Joni said…
So sorry! Hope you get to the zoo soon.
lol..that was me tonight! ugh...i took 1000 ml of Vitamin I and a diet Pepsi..which knocked it out, but it took about 1 1/2 hours....and I did go way past the nausea part...i figured out about 6:30 that I hadn't eaten literally all DAY! (cause) it caught up with me for real! ugh! better now...(still haven't eaten, but not hungry) how was play group...mine went good....i was a bit discombobulated but it went okay!
ttyl and have way fun tomorrow night!

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