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Blog Award #2! Hooray

One of my new blog friends Brandi from the BlogFrog gave me this cool award.
The rules are to pass this on to 7 bloggers who I feel are honest in their blogging and list 10 honest things about myself. So here goes!!

1. I love college football (especially the U of U this will be witnessed soon as the season is starting next week)
2. I wish I could afford a housekeeper.
3. I am a republican and more often than not my husband and I disagree on political issues. (pretty sure I have already blogged about this.)
4. Secretly I am really selfish but everyone who knows me says this isn't true. I hide it really well obviously!
5. I love being a nurse but hate leaving my kids to go to work.
6. I am seriously considering plastic surgery at some point in my life!
7. I want to go back to school but it probably isn't going to happen.
8. I love helping out in my kids classrooms at school.
9. I am addicted to Buckle Jeans (thanks Heather!) Oh I am also shallow
10. I am always amazed at how much my kids know and can't for the life of me figure out where on earth they learn all this stuff.

Seven Bloggers I feel deserve this award are:

Love this award thing. It is fun. You find new blogs and you get to leave lots of comments and get some back too. Have fun!!


Unknown said…
Brandie, THANK YOU! You are so sweet! I am honored you thought of me. I loved your 10 honest things. You made me giggle!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the award, Brandie! I'm passing it on -- looks like fun!

Loved your list. ;-)
Brandi said…
Ah, yes. . . after 3 kids plastic surgery is almost a must! My SIL just had a few things, ya know, put back where they go and she looks amazing. I'd do it in a second, but I'll have to wait until I can't remember how painful my c-section was! LOL! :)
Tara said…
Congrats on your award!

I LOVE college football but the U. of NC for me. Yesterday, I looked for a countdown to put on my blog but never found a nice looking one. 9 days though!

I would never hire a housekeeper because why pay somebody to do something that I could do much, much better. Now, as for a cook and meal planner...yeah I would hire one of those.

I'm a Republican too!

If I ever get plastic surgery it would be a chin implant...yeah, I know, how exciting!

Again, congrats!
Big Mama Cass said…
Oh my goodness!! thank you!!! Wow! When I started my blog I didn't know I could get an award!!

I would like to thank...

Oh wait... it isn't that kind of award?? oh. nnkay then. LOL

Unknown said…
congrats on the reward...I'm stopping in from bearbunch's comment "train" stop by and check me out sometime!
<3 Amy
Jane said…
Congrats on another award! I too would love a housekeeper and plastic surgery someday is (hopefully) in the future and as a mother, it is good to be selfish sometimes. I know I can be! I emailed you the picture of the girls earlier today, just in case it goes to your junk.
Lynette said…
Brandi: Thanks so very much for the award. You are the greatest friend and downline anyone could ask for. I get get on this and pass it along.
Lucy and Ethel said…
You have an award... and it's the same as the one you just got!!!

But no strings attached unless you want them :)
Unknown said…
Anytime...I really like your blog...and if I can ever figure out blogfrog, I'd like to join your community...feel free to follow my photo blog...I put up new pics all the time, and they are all for sale

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