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Thank you!

I just want to thank the honest person who returned my cell phone to the customer service desk in Target at the District. You have saved the "pearl" once again. It has needed rescuing several times and I am grateful to all those that have helped me and not stolen or abused the thing that I seem to keep loosing and yet somehow can't live without. Note to self "Do not allow your children to carry the current bag you have with your cell phone in it. They continue to fling the "pearl" out and it ends up in the most precarious places." Or simply get a new bag that will shelter the "pearl" from these sorts of accidents.


R Clan said…
Oh no....your poor phone. :)
bhblood said…
When did that happen? I think you need a vacation! Have fun! I am glad you got the "pearl" back safe and sound!
Mandy said…
Wow! That's great that it was returned. My husband had his stolen and they racked up $100+ on it!
Unknown said…
Giggle sounds like something that would happen to me. I am glad it was given back to you. Just goes to show there are honest people left in the world :)
Tara said…
Thanks for dropping by and I'm so glad you enjoyed my perm story...seems a few people have. I go back to read it and laugh myself but it sure wasn't funny back then.

Anyway, you know that the BlogFrog sent me and I'm glad you got your phone back. I'm a terrible cell phone owner because I NEVER turn mine on unless I actually need to use when away from home. If mine was somehow lost, I would never know it.

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