Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tell Me About it Thursday

Got this idea from one of my fellow BlogFrog Community Leaders click here to see her blog.

Her question for today was tell me something about your childhood.

I don't have a picture but if you look at the pictures of my middle daughter we look and act about the same so there is the visual.

Anyway.... When I started kindergarten about a hundred years ago I rode the bus. Back then we would go half the year to am then mid year we would switch and do pm. So I think I started with am kindergarten and so I rode the bus with all the BIG kids you know those mean 6th graders. Back story here: I come from a really SMALL town in Utah and there were about 5 small towns that went to the same school. So the bus would pick up from one of the small towns then come to my neighborhood. The meant giant sixth graders would all sit in the back of the big yellow bus and be loud and obnoxious. Then when we got to school and all stood up to enter the isle to exit the bus they would grab the seats and push forward smashing all us innocent little kindergarten kids and making some of them cry.
As most of you know I really don't take crap from anyone so knowing that I could not defend myself against giant sixth grade boys, I marched right to the principal's office and let him know what was going on. (Seriously I remember none of the telling the principal, but I do remember the shoving) Apparently the principal and my parents got a real kick out of this because I have heard the story over and over again.

Anyway.... I do remember that I didn't get shoved anymore! Great story I know! haha
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