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"not me" Monday!

I would not let my kids leave this kind of mess in the family room when it is perfectly clear that everything has a place!
I would never let my son bounce dangerously on the edge of the swimming pool!
I would not ever let my daughters build a giant mud pond and then play in it in their swimming suits when there is a perfectly good swimming pool full of water not 5 feet away.

And I would certainly not ever leave the dishes from dinner in the sink over night.
This is certainly not me and I will just keep being not me all day long!

To see where I got this great idea go here or here

Also be sure to check out the blog frog just click the link in my side bar they are making some changes you will LOVE it!!!


Holly said…
This is hilarious! My favorite is the mud pond - LOL!

~Brenda said…
My favorite is the mud pond too! I think I would have joined them!

Anonymous said…
So funny! Love that your "not me's" are identical to mine!
Brandi said…
Hahaha! My sink does NOT look exactly like yours right now! I might be blogging too much? Hmmmm.
Kimberly said…
Funny stuff! Thanks for sharing.
Lucy and Ethel said…
You have my sink!

Tim said…
Loved this post!

Following your blog now!

Love and Prayers,

Blog Frog Community Leader
LOL- thanks for making me feel guilty for sitting here reading your blog and NOT doing my own dishes---->Yeah they can wait til morning.
Joni said…
You are too funny!

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