Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nine Things I Have Learned....

Happy Anniversary to us. We have been married for 9 whole years. These are only a few of the things I have learned but wanted to keep it short!
1. There is no such thing as a 5 year plan (okay you can have one but don't be surprised when it doesn't go according to your plan)
2. Kids improve your relationship (I know this is not true for everyone but it has been for us!)
3. Love gets better the older it gets.
4. A Queen size bed really isn't THAT big.
5. I really do LOVE college football.
6. We have more in common than we originally thought.
7. Alone time with spouse costs a fortune.
8. Saying "I love you" is as nice as hearing it
9. Pick your battles, and sometimes no battle is the answer!

These are kind of corny but they are true. We met 13 years ago playing intramural softball and who knew this is where we would be today. I love my husband. I love my kids. I love my life. It really is just that simple.


Lucy and Ethel said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Ours was last month :)

I see you've rewarded yourself by finishing the BlogFrog assignment. Congratulations! Now you can clean house :)

Ha ha.


Joni said...

Happy Anniversary! You two are sooooo cute together and you have the cutest kids because of it.

Jami & Mark said...

Happy belated Anniversary! I remember that day! Loved the list too =0).......Over the years I realized I love college football too! Have a great week!

Rhett and Tiffanie Jackson said...

Awesome! happy anniversary friend! :) hope you and jeff and a great day....i agree, dates with spouse are expensive...BUT worth it and needed...keep that in mind!

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