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Sushi and Birthday Service

Pretty sure if you talk about all the service you did it kind of negates the activity.  But since I helped paint my grandparents house on my birthday I can talk about it just a little bit more.  It was actually a pretty fun day.  My brother, uncle, mom and dad did the hard part and mostly I just chased my kids around and made sure they didn't drown in the pool next door.  Thanks Jamie for watching them for me!  
I have been dreading this birthday all year not because of what I was going to do of course but because of how old I am now.  But really I feel no different.  Thank goodness!  I know you are all laughing and that is okay. 

The night before my birthday we spent as a family eating yummy Pampered Chef recipes and a fresh strawberry cake.

We were going to go out on my birthday but we were all exhausted from a day in the sun Jeff at Ute shoot and us in Lehi so we came home and had sushi from Tepanyaki (my favorite!!)  We laughed about the first time I had raw fish 9 years ago at a fancy restaurant in San Diego on a seared Tuna salad.  I didn't eat it.  But I do now.
Then the kids went to bed and we watched a movie we have been trying to watch forever.  
I think it was one of my best birthday's ever!  Maybe I will stay 35!


marie said…
Happy Birthday Brandie! Good to know that 35 is not so bad-I get to enjoy 34 for a couple more weeks:) I'm with you 15 years ago and you would not have gotten me to eat sushi now it's one of my favorite things crazy how we change. Glad you had a good day.
Krista said…
Happy Birthday! (late.) It sounds like an exhausting day. By the way, you look great for 35, I thought you were talking 30 (and I was going to have a hard time believing that.)

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