Monday, March 2, 2009

Casts and Rigorous activity

The casts with Nike socks and magic shoes (they are magic because they make you walk) 
We went to the Physical Therapist on Friday and they told us that we need to strengthen the core so when the casts come off we don't start walking on the toes again.

The pose I got when I asked to see the casts.  He is obviously back to his usual activities!


Wendy G. Atkins said...

i see that the lens is causing an issue. i was looking up flashes and you really don't need an expensive one for what you use it for. inkley's sales a simple one for $40. you could probably even find one for less online. just make sure it's an automatic.

Jill, Wes, and Andy said...

Wow, I like the red casts! I am glad that Dalton is getting better.

Candice said...

GO DALTON! You need to come hang out with your Aunt Candice and give her a reason to do pilates at night. No laughing at all her moaning, grunting, and puffing though! Glad the magic shoes are working and that you "found your balance." We love you!

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