Friday, January 16, 2009

We'll take the good news....

and the bad.  We went to Primary Children's today for what I thought was an appointment with a pediatric orthopedic doctor (are they all surgeon's?).  As most of you know Dalton is a tip-toe walker and I guess based on what I told the 18 secretaries and medical assistants I spoke to on the phone they determined I needed to see a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon.  But no one told me this.  Not even the self important surgeon herself until I in all my ignorance asked if she would be doing the surgery.  To which she replied "That is why you are here!"  "Is this the first you have heard any of this?"  Um yeah that is why I have this shocked look on my face.  Thanks for asking!!!!! 
Well that is not exactly why we were there.  We were there because Dalton can not stand balanced on his flat feet and I thought maybe he needed some physical therapy or something.  What he got was an xray from the waist down and an appointment for a surgical procedure to uncontracture his achilles tendons on both legs.
He then has to wear cast boots for 6 weeks!  
We were all a little shocked and Dalton is very concerned about the casts!  There is nothing wrong with him.  He is still my sweet Dalton that he was when we left the house this morning at 8:30 am.  We just get to worry about the next thing we have to do!!

This was us at the doctors office trying to kill time while waiting for the SURGEON (lest I forget)!!  Oh just incase any of you are related to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon I apologize for my offensive comments.  (Wear your badge with your credentials if you need to be treated different than any other human!!)
We are wearing red for the parade for the football team this afternoon!  Go UTES!


R Clan said...

Ummmmmm...Holy Crap! =/
I'm just kind of in shock right now.

Cut pic of the kids though.

jallen06 said...

I swear we have enough idiots in this world!!! Good Luck Dalton, I bet the casts will be red too!!!

Jane said...

Wow, I can't believe that. I hope it goes well and he recovers quickly. I wonder if he has the same Dr. as Adalie, she see's an Orthopedic Dr. at Primary Childrens all the time for her foot too. I thought of you when that parade was on tv today, how fun! We will be thinking of Dalton.

Dale said...

Seriously?! that is so crazy.... all of it! Good luck with everything. When is the surgery?

Rhett and Tiffanie Jackson said...

Crazy!!! I am sorry he his having to go through all bad is the tip toe walking...My Dallin is really bad..he says it doesn't feel right to walk flat footed...should I be concerned? Call me... later!

LadyBug Crossing said...

Tough break Dalton! I really loved the orthopedic surgeon that did Lainey's arm. She didn't make me feel like an idiot at all. Her name is Teresa Hennessey, her office is at shriners and she does her surgeries at PC. Good Luck

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