Monday, December 29, 2008

Once There Was a Snowman..

I think this is our first official snowman at this house.  We made one at the grandma house last year (thanks Uncle Brandon).  But this one had a weed for one arm and a Christmas tree branch for the other arm.

His eye's and buttons are made of Hershey kisses and his nose is a carrot of course.  He did have a chef's hat that Dalton crafted from snow but that got knocked off before I could photograph.  The snowman also got demoed by two rambunctious children!!  Now he is small, small, small!!


Jill, Wes, and Andy said...

I love the "unique" snowman. Hope all is well, miss chatting!

R Clan said...

How cute. What fun memories.

Thomas Family said...

What a cute snowman, and a fun family tradition.

Mandy Snyder said...

Cute snowman. I so hope you are having a blast at the bowl game right this second the score is 21-3. Go Utes!!!

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