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Six Years Ago today....

I became a mom.  (And I totally lost it!)  Well not completely just enough to scare my mom into thinking she was going to have to live with me for the rest of Dalton's life.  haha.  But we survived it and six years later I have three silly kids who enjoy each other's birthdays as much as their own.  We love you Dalton and hope you have a fantastic number 6!!
Clowning around at lunch time!
Is there a better present than transformers?  I think not by the look on his face!

He is so crazy he actually wanted to pose and of course Peyton is in the background coaching!!


Jane said…
happy birthday handsome boy! Great photos Brandi.
Sha said…
Happy Birthday!! I cannot believe that it has been six years...time flys!
SKH said…
Happy birthday Dalton. What a cute kid. Note to self - "Transformers are a good present for boys" We are still trying to get used to the boy thing...Thanks for the help
R Clan said…
Happy Birthday Dalton! Was he really only turning three when we moved here? Well, I guess that is how old Sammy was when we moved here. That is just crazy.
Happy Birthday Dalton! What a handsome boy, love those blue eyes. I am thinking it is good that the supermodel in the background will have an intimidating brother with a good heart!
jallen06 said…
Happy Birthday Dalton!!! He still looks like he's 8...
bhblood said…
Happy Birthday Dalton! We love you! I can't believe you are six! WOW! Where does the time go?
Hey Rudys wanted to drop a line. Thanks for the chik fil a fun the other night. Girls night soooon!
Wendy G. Atkins said…
Peyton: Mom did you know that Daddy is your husband?
Me: Yes I know that.
Peyton: Oh okay.

haha.. Peyton and I were having a conversation about Ian being my husband, and Jeff being your husband. I guess she just considers him a daddy.. and wanted to know if Ian was a daddy and if I had any kids...She didn't quite understand what husband meant! hah
The Grumps said…
Oh, They grow up to fast and it makes me feel old!
Happy 6th Birthday Dalton.

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