Friday, October 3, 2008


Someone to take pity on me and watch my kids so my hubby and I can go on a DATE.  He has tomorrow OFF.  That never happens.  I haven't exhausted all my options but it never hurts to beg your blogging friends first (well second I already tried one person, already busy).


rhettandtiffjacksonfamily said...

I totally wish I lived closer...I would so watch your kids...dates are super important you know...I all but beggged my neighbor to watch mine last night so I wouldn't have to take them to the fb game!!! Good Luck!

flipflops94 said...

I found your blog on Ruthanne's blog. I am SOOOOOOOOOOO sorry that I was not available! You know that I would watch your kids in a heart-beat! I love them! My darn aunt snagged me! I will do my best to be available for you next time! :)
Love, DeAnna

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