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20 Year Tag

Ok Ruthanne I should be fixing dinner for my husband but I am going to do this instead!! hehe

20 years ago I was...
1.  Fourteen ugh
2. Had just finished eighth grade and getting ready for high school
(which in my town only meant you got to stay longer to the dances because we all met in the same building)
3. Probably had a crush on some boy in my ward

10 Years ago I was..
1.Living in Ogden getting my BSN
2.  Trying to make a Utah to California relationship work with Jeff
3. Working at McKay Dee Hospital on HOBs
4. 24 years old and lying about being older!!

5 Years ago I was...
1. Living in sunny California
2. 29 and realized that I was now the same age as my mom 
(she always turned 29 when we were little every b-day)
3. Working at Loma Linda University MC on 9100 
4. getting ready to celebrate year three of being married!
5. Trying to figure out how to be a mom of a 7 month old boy

3 Years ago I was..
1. Trying to get boxes unpacked with a one year old Peyton
2. Started working at Thoracic ICU at LDS hospital
3. Wondering why on earth we moved to this land of desolation and rocks!! hehe
4. Loving my new GIANT house, but missing my pool

1 Year ago..
1.  Had  a one month old
2. Still trying to unpack boxes
3. Still working at Thoracic ICU at LDS hospital but on maternity leave.
4. Adjusting to another little body in our house and loving every minute of it.

So far this year..
1.  Working on Thoracic ICU at the Death Star, doing a research job at the U and VA and trying to have a successful Close To My Heart Business plus be a full time mama!!
2. Have made a lot of great friends and actually realize it.
3.  Love my husband who has been putting up with me for almost 8 years (well plus the 4 we dated ahhh.)

Yesterday I...
1. Worked out
2. Cleaned the house 
3. Washed my car
4. Went to work last night and got home at 2 a.m.

Today I...
1. Slept in a little
2. did laundry 
3. Went to Target for a much needed air pump!!
4. Blogged twice and bagged my Close to my Heart orders (there here!!)

I will just try to keep it a float like every other day!  And continue to lie about my age. haha!

I tag Jenna, Candice B., and Jill! 


Alyse said…
Wow! You are wonder woman!
R Clan said…
Thanks for playing! :)
Jessie said…
You are amazing! You make me feel lazy.. by all that you get accomplished in a day with children! How are you?

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