Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Works of Art...

As many of you know I am a working mom.  It has some advantages, even though I hate to be away from my kids, it gives me perspective that I often need.  Anyway, because I have to be away at the same time as Jeff sometimes I had to find a dependable babysitter, which I did.  Her name is Wendy and we LOVE her.  She is the best.  Not only is she great to me and the kids she is a professional photographer; so when I got home from work today she had taken these great pictures and downloaded them on my computer for me.  You can see more of her work and contact info from the link listed under our favorite web sites.  Thanks Wendy these are FABULOUS!!!
She looks so grown up I could just cry!!
She has finally started to smile for the camera!
The only shot he would let her take


TheHottonSix said...

What adorable looking kids you have. That was so nice of her to do.

Alyse said...

Those are such beautiful pictures! You're kids are darling!

Jessup Jive said...

Kayton, looks so big and so cute. How come they get to grow up so fast? Thanks for your comments on our posts!

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